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With oneIDentity+ and MAPP codes, you can quickly and securely identify genuine automotive spare parts.

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Statements by members of the MAPP initiative

“Product and brand protection is of the utmost importance for us as suppliers of branded spare parts. The MAPP code measures offer the greatest possible security in our product portfolio. The fact that major automotive suppliers have joined forces underscores the relevance of this initiative. As effective partners, we form a common front in the fight against product piracy.”

Peter Wagner
Vice President Independent Aftermarket at Continental

“GKN has set itself the goal of combatting product piracy and protecting the interests of the independent automotive after-market. For this reason, we primarily use MAPP codes and the oneIDentity+ service platform (formerly TecIdentify) for authentication purposes. All the players in the after-market – i.e. dealers, workshops, public authorities and consumers – now have a quick and sure way of checking the authenticity of GKN products. In any case we offer a 100% guarantee for the quality of the spare parts we supply to our global dealers. Our top priority is the protection of customers, mechanics, car drivers and all other road users from the potential dangers caused by counterfeit products. A further advantage: the track & trace functionality can be implemented in a relatively cost-effective manner.””

Frank Huerter
Commercial Director Automotive Distribution at GKN

“With the MAPP code developed by CLEPA and our oneIDentity+ solution, the cards in the battle against product piracy have been reshuffled. All participants in the independent spare parts market – from trade and workshops to public authorities and end customers – can now determine within seconds whether a part is genuine or not. The MAPP initiative was launched to provide the public with more information about this option. The more parts we check, the tighter the safety net becomes!”

Jürgen Buchert
TecAlliance CEO

“We are working to protect workshops and drivers from counterfeit products. The MAPP initiative helps us do this with the clarification it provides.”

Uwe Thomas
Präsident Automotive Aftermarket at Bosch

“We believe prevention is the best way to protect our brand and value having the highest degree of safety at a reasonable cost. The use of the oneIDentity+ industry solution and the support of the MAPP initiative are logical for us, especially because we see other potential applications.”

Dr. Uwe Hartmann
Leitung Marketing Automotive Aftermarket at MANN-FILTER

“We want to act to thwart the uncertainty in the market caused by product and brand piracy. We aim to nip any attempt to bring dubious products into circulation in the bud. Therefore our product packaging, of proven Schaeffler quality, has a new safety label. In addition we provide – through additional measures and involvement in initiatives and associations – the greatest possible safety to those who buy and install our products.”

Michael Söding
Chairman of the Management Board – Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket.

“The MAPP initiative supports us in our product and brand protection measures. The new individual packaging initiative is WABCO’s commitment to reinforcing the independent spare parts market while simultaneously ensuring the highest level of safety and the identification of WABCO genuine parts.”

Philippe Colpron
Vice President Aftermarket at WABCO

“Our customers are our focus. We need to make sure that they are working with genuine parts and delivering a safe product to their own customers. We joined the MAPP initiative to protect the automotive industry from counterfeit parts and components that are not up to standard. For this reason, the product packaging of Federal-Mogul engine parts has the MAPP barcode. This is how we are helping to fight product piracy and improve traffic safety. Thanks to MAPP, automotive suppliers and customers can be sure that they are using genuine parts. We are proud to be part of this initiative.”

Olivier Legrand
Vice President Aftermarket Europe, Federal-Mogul Motorparts

“For our genuine spare parts of the brands KOLBENSCHMIDT and PIERBURG, the protection of the product and the brand is of fundamental importance. Through the combination of MAPP codes with other anti-counterfeiting features such as the Holospot, we have achieved a high standard of safety for our customers and with ease of verification. The oneIDentity+ industry solution (formerly TecIdentify) is the logical implementation of the MAPP initiative. As automotive suppliers, this is how we are building a broad alliance against product piracy.”

Holger Roden
Senior Manager Data Management

“Product piracy is a global problem which endangers the fundamental values of the automotive industry. It leads to additional costs and safety risks for car drivers. In order to protect the entire supply chain, we must immediately act together as a sector. This involves illustrating to the authorities the urgency of the problem, supporting the development of further guidelines, and taking specific measures together to protect the integrity of our products.

It is our duty as market leaders in automotive safety to raise public awareness of the situation. We are encouraging dealers, workshops and consumers to only use products made by large car parts manufacturers who are actively combatting product piracy.”

Neil Fryer
Global Vice President TRW Aftermarket

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