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Medical devices have always been an important cornerstone in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. As modern medicine has become more and more dependent on these devices, adequate availability and maintenance is all the more important. A clear identification of medical equipment and its use for inventory, tracking and maintenance seems essential in this context.

Both medical device manufacturers and hospitals are often facing the same issue: Which medical devices do I have in what condition and with which specifications at what location? Being able to answer these questions reliably is essential for patient safety, enables manufacturers to provide targeted support and offers hospitals enormous optimisation potential in terms of costs, availability and treatment quality. The unique identification of medical devices based on GS1 standards in combination with the oneIDentity+ service platform provides a comprehensive solution. This way, medical devices can be tracked, maintained and managed more quickly and reliably.

Short introduction

Added value with oneIDentity+

Quick and reliable tracking, maintenance and management of medical devices with a unique device ID

Instant display of specific, up-to-date data related to the individual device, such as next maintenance, last calibration etc.

Comprehensive access to detailed information on the device type such as user and maintenance manuals

Improved patient care and patient security

Increased transparency in terms of costs and deadlines with enormous savings potential

Standing out from competitors through digitalisation and comprehensive mobile services

Partners & Network

GS1 Switzerland supports companies to optimise the flow of goods, information and value and shares practical knowledge. In close cooperation with solution partners such as oneIDentity+ GmbH, the company develops standards and process recommendations as well as solutions based on them, thus creating benefits for all involved. GS1 Switzerland is a neutral association based in Bern and forms part of GS1, a not-for-profit organisation active in 110 countries.

GS1 Switzerland plays an important role in the context of Unique Device Identification (UDI) for the complete tracing of medical devices. The Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and the In-Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) have been effective since 2017. Since 2019, GS1 has been a UDI allocation body, licensed by the MDR and IVDR, and offers suitable solutions for the globally unique labelling of medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics.

GS1 Germany: Globale Standards für effizienten Plagiatschutz und Rückverfolgbarkeit Die GS1 Germany unterstützt Unternehmen aller Branchen dabei, moderne Kommunikations- und Prozess-Standards in der Praxis anzuwenden. Damit wird die Effizienz ihrer Geschäftsabläufe deutlich verbessert. Das Unternehmen kümmert sich in Deutschland auch um das weltweit überschneidungsfreie GS1 Artikelnummernsystem, das die Grundlage des auch für oneIDentity+ genutzten Barcodes bildet.

The international network „Global Standards One“ (GS1) is made up of more than 118 country organisations. This global network is orchestrated by GS1 Global, based in Brussels. Here, the guidelines for the thematic and strategic design of core topics are set and the relations to international institutions are cultivated. The current activities in the GS1 network focus on combating product piracy and digitalizing value-added processes while involving various stakeholders such as manufacturers, logistics, commerce or the end customer. oneIDentity+ closely cooperates with GS1 Global in many areas to have a direct contact person and sparring partner for the design of relevant use cases, especially for transnational topics.

GS1 - Global standards for product protection and traceability

GS1 Germany supports companies of all sectors to apply modern communication and process standards in practice. This significantly improves the efficiency of business processes. The company GS1 is responsible for the worldwide, non-overlapping GS1 article number system in Germany – the basis of the barcode also used for oneIDentity+.

As a part of the international network “Global Standards One” (GS1), GS1 supports the development and implementation of open, cross-sector and globally valid standards. As the second largest of more than 110 country-based organizations, GS1 Germany also develops process and application recommendations and supports companies with implementation. Given specific requirements, service providers of the GS1 Germany solution partner programme, in which oneIDentity+ is also involved, offer support.

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