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Unique marking in the railway industry is gaining in importance. Be it logistics, maintenance or procurement a multitude of processes can be optimised and designed more securely with the unique identification of spare parts and assemblies. For this reason, many railway operators such as Deutsche Bahn, SBB, SNCF and Australian Railways have agreed upon standardised marking based on GS1 standards and documented this in a global recommendation for use. This marking is the foundation for the mobile process support via the oneIDentity+ service platform which holds a lot of potential for the processes in the railway industry.

Short introduction

Added value with oneIDentity+

Added value with oneIDentity+ – Serialization as the foundation in the railway industry

Platform to support digital mobile processes based on GS1 standards

Experience from other industries and close cooperation with GS1 Global and Solution Partners of GS1 Germany

The cross-company platform oneIDentity+ allows for process optimisation across corporate borders

A multitude of out-of-the-box services and fast development of company-specific value-added services – whether in the area of repair and maintenance, Track & Trace or authenticity checks

Industry-wide standard for product labelling is coming!

We support you with the implementation

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1. Analysis of your products, labels and IT infrastructure for the given requirements

  • Question: Are you affected by the upcoming requirements and how can they be implemented in your company?
  • Approach: Aligning your status quo with the upcoming requirements
  • Result: Implementation concept for efficient fulfilment of the requirements and rough cost/time planning
  • Effort/timeframe: Fixed price / approximately one month (depending on the availability of relevant resources on the manufacturer’s side)

2. Implementation support according to the implementation concept as project manager in cooperation with Solution Partners

  • Realisation of the implementation concept
  • Partners: Relevant solution partners, e.g. for laser marking, labelling or data integration
  • Approach: Successive project planning of the work packages documented in the implementation concept
  • Result: Fulfilment of customer requirements (labelling and data transmission)
  • Effort/time frame: flexible

Partners & Network

GS1 Germany: Global standards for efficient plagiarism protection and traceability GS1 Germany supports companies in all industries in applying modern communication and process standards in practice. This significantly improves the efficiency of their business processes. In Germany, the company also takes care of the worldwide overlap-free GS1 article number system, which forms the basis of the barcode also used for oneIDentity+.
The international network „Global Standards One“ (GS1) is made up of more than 118 country organisations. This global network is orchestrated by GS1 Global, based in Brussels. Here, the guidelines for the thematic and strategic design of core topics are set and the relations to international institutions are cultivated. The current activities in the GS1 network focus on combating product piracy and digitalizing value-added processes while involving various stakeholders such as manufacturers, logistics, commerce or the end customer. oneIDentity+ closely cooperates with GS1 Global in many areas to have a direct contact person and sparring partner for the design of relevant use cases, especially for transnational topics.
GS1 - Globale Standards für Produktschutz und Rückverfolgbarkeit
GS1 Germany supports companies of all sectors to apply modern communication and process standards in practice. This significantly improves the efficiency of business processes. The company GS1 is responsible for the worldwide, non-overlapping GS1 article number system in Germany – the basis of the barcode also used for oneIDentity+.

As a part of the international network “Global Standards One” (GS1), GS1 supports the development and implementation of open, cross-sector and globally valid standards. As the second largest of more than 110 country-based organizations, GS1 Germany also develops process and application recommendations and supports companies with implementation. Given specific requirements, service providers of the GS1 Germany solution partner programme, in which oneIDentity+ is also involved, offer support.

Trumpf: Ihr Experte für Lasergravurmaschinen zur direkten Artikelbeschriftung
The high-tech company TRUMPF offers manufacturing solutions in the areas of machine tools, laser technology and electronics. TRUMPF advances the digital interconnection of the manufacturing industry with consulting as well as platform and software offers. The company is a technology and market leader in machine tools for the customisable sheet metal working and for industrial lasers.

In the field of laser technology, TRUPMF is offering marking lasers of all frequencies and pulse durations for the direct marking of various materials in cooperation with Vision-Systems and the corresponding software connection for the customer-specific interface. The family company is based in Ditzingen near Stuttgart. The TRUMPF Group is represented in all important markets with over 70 subsidiaries worldwide. The production sites are located in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Czechia, the US, Mexico, China and Japan.

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