Authenticity check

Plagiarism protection and the associated reliable authenticity checks are important topics in many industries. oneIDentity+ is a comprehensive system for product authentication and the display of additional, manufacturer-specific value-added services. With the help of the oneIDentity+ app, which is available free of charge, the authenticity of products bearing a serialized code can be verified in just a few seconds – worldwide, 24 hours a day.


1. installation of the oneIDentity+ app

Visit the App Store on your cell phone and download the free oneIDentity+ app.

The app is available in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Romanian and Spanish for almost all iOS and Android devices.

2. launch the app and scan the code

Start the oneIDentity+ app and call up the Scan code menu item. Place the code in front of the camera and scan it.

3. automatic verification of the MAPP code

The code is automatically checked in the background by the oneIDentity+ platform.

4. immediate display of the test result

A color code (similar to a traffic light) combined with a manufacturer-specific response text is displayed immediately as the test result.
Green: Code is known and the check has not detected any problems.
Yellow: Code is known, but has been queried many times -> potential problem
Red: code is unknown -> dubious product or fake

5. optional: query of further security features

For some products, it is possible to check other security features such as holograms in addition to code verification. By checking these physical features you get additional security.

6. for doubtful products: Report problem

Send a direct message to the manufacturer with product details and your email contact information for questionable products or potential problems. This helps us fight product piracy. An automatic email is then sent to the manufacturer, who will send further
steps will be taken.

7. optional: manufacturer-specific value-added services

Many manufacturers offer registered, but often also anonymous users, additional value-added services beyond the authenticity check, such as the display of product information (e.g. from TecDoc), installation instructions and marketing information.

oneIDentity+ App and online authenticity check

The authenticity of products marked with a serialized code can be verified via endpoints: by scanning the code using the oneIDentity+ app for iOS and Android, by manually entering the code on our website (online authenticity check) and also via various manufacturer websites and apps. Here you will find the most important links

iOS App

Here you can find the oneIDentity+ app for iPhone and iPad in the Apple AppStore.

Android app

For all Android devices, you can find the app version in the Google Play Store here.

Online authenticity check

Tracking in 1D+ Portal (Dashboard/Reports)

Tracking by means of the oneIDentity+ portal

Via the oneIDentity+ Administration Portal, authorized employees of the manufacturer using oneIDentity+ can see where and when their products were checked, what irregularities there were, if any, and also create detailed statistical evaluations.

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