Initial situation

Clear labeling in the railroad sector is becoming increasingly important. Whether logistics, maintenance or procurement – a large number of processes can be optimized and made more secure by the unique identification of spare parts and assemblies. For this reason, many rail operators such as Deutsche Bahn, SBB, SNCF and Australian Railways have agreed on standardized labeling based on GS1 standards and have laid this down in a global application recommendation. This labeling is the basis for the mobile process support provided by the oneIDentity+ service platform, which holds a multitude of potentials for processes in the railroad industry.

Short introduction

Added value through oneIDentity+

Added value through oneIDentity+ – Serialization as a basis in the railroad industry

Platform to support digital, mobile services based on GS1 standards

Experience from other industries and close cooperation with GS1 Global and Solution Partner of GS1 Germany

The corporate
overarching platform
oneIDentity+ enables
a process optimization
across company boundaries

Variety of already usable services
and rapid development of company-
specific value-added services
whether in the field of maintenance and installation,
Track & Trace or authenticity check

Industry-wide standard for product labeling is coming!

We support you with the implementation

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1. analysis of your products, labels and IT infrastructure with regard to the given requirements

  • Question: Are you affected by the upcoming requirements and how can they be implemented in your company?
  • Approach: Alignment of your status quo with the upcoming requirements
  • Result: Implementation concept for efficient fulfillment of requirements and rough cost/time planning
  • Effort/Timeframe: Fixed price / expected to be one month (depending on availability of relevant resources on vendor side).

2. implementation support acc. Implementation concept as project manager in cooperation with solution partners

  • Implementation of the implementation concept
  • Partners: relevant solution partners e.g. regarding laser marking, labeling or data connection
  • Procedure: Successive project planning of the work packages documented in the implementation concept.
  • Result: Fulfillment of customer requirements (labeling and data transmission)
  • Effort/time frame: flexible

Partner & Network

The international network “Global Standards One” (GS1) consists of over 11ß country organizations. This global network is orchestrated by GS1 Global, based in Brussels. This is where the guidelines are set for the content-related and strategic shaping of core topics and where links to international institutions are maintained. The fight against product piracy and the digitalization of value creation processes involving a wide range of stakeholders such as manufacturers, logistics, retailers and end customers are the focus of current activities in the GS1 network. oneIDentity+ works closely with GS1 Global in many areas in order to have a direct contact and sparring partner for the design of relevant use cases, especially in cross-national topics.

GS1 Germany supports companies in all industries in applying modern communication and process standards in practice. This significantly improves the efficiency of their business processes. In Germany, the company also takes care of the globally overlap-free GS1 article numbering system, which forms the basis of the barcode also used for oneIDentity+. As part of the international network “Global Standards One” (GS1), GS1 Germany accompanies the development and implementation of open, cross-industry and globally valid standards. As the second largest of more than 110 country organizations, GS1 Germany develops process and application recommendations and provides implementation support. For specific requirements, service providers from the GS1 Germany Solution Partner Program, in which oneIDentity+ is also involved, provide support.

The high-tech company TRUMPF offers manufacturing solutions in the fields of machine tools, laser technology and electronics. TRUMPF is driving the digital networking of the manufacturing industry through consulting, platform and software offerings. The company is the technology and market leader in machine tools for flexible sheet metal processing and in industrial lasers.

In the Laser Technology business field, TRUMPF offers, among other things, marking lasers of all wavelengths and pulse durations for direct marking of a wide variety of materials, together in combination with vision systems and associated software connection to the customer-specific interface.
The headquarters of the family-owned company is in Ditzingen near Stuttgart. The TRUMPF Group is represented in all important markets worldwide with more than 70 subsidiaries. Production sites are located in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the Czech Republic, in the USA, Mexico, China and Japan.

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