Clear labeling of products

The first and most important step in the introduction of oneIDentity+ and all the benefits it brings is what is known as serialization. Serialization means that each product or packaging is marked with a unique key. And this not only at the type level, as in classic commerce, where all that matters is recognizing the type, but at the instance level. I.e. even identical products have their own (serial) number. Ideally, this code contains not only an individual serial number, but also information about the manufacturer and product type.

oneIDentity+ supports companies in serialization in a wide variety of areas. We act as an interface for companies to automatically generate serialized identities according to company-specific specifications and make them available to the company’s own systems. The randomized generation of the serial number is important here. It makes it more difficult for imitators and counterfeiters to crack the serialization. Of course, customer’s own numbering systems can be used upon request.

By serializing products, you create great potential across the entire value chain.

Flexibility in the use of various numbering systems and code formats

For serialized marking of your products, you can of course use your own numbering system valid only for your company.
However, we at oneIDentity+ recommend the use of the global standard ISO 15418:2016 promoted by GS1.
By taking this globally valid standard into account, your serialization can be used across system and company boundaries to optimize the entire value chain. The GS1 compliant code consists of GTIN (=Global Trade Item Number),
which provides information about the manufacturer and product type, as well as a different serial number for each Ident.

Choose for yourself which data carriers or code formats you want to use to mark your products or packaging:
Whether RFID, QR code or GS1-compliant Datamatrix code – depending on the application, everything has its advantages.
Contact us – we will be happy to advise you.

Various possibilities of marking products and packaging

There are many ways to serialize products and/or packaging.
Examples include:

– direct marking of the products (metals, plastics…) by means of laser engraving (by the manufacturer/supplier during the manufacturing process)
– Marking of components, machines and plants by means of nameplate
– Printing of the code in labels (by the manufacturer during the packaging process).
– Use of prefabricated labels that already contain the unique code plus optional additional security features

When using oneIDentity+, you are free to choose the type of marking that suits your application purposes.
Of course, we will be happy to advise you on this as well.

Pilot project

Discover the possibilities within the framework of a pilot project!

As already mentioned: By serializing products, you create great potential across the entire value chain.
Let’s tackle your challenges together!

As part of a pilot project, we not only work together to develop a serialization concept tailored to your company,
we define roles and use cases with you, develop an IT concept, develop a demonstrator app to present the possible application scenarios and also carry out marking tests together with our partners such as Trumpf.

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