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Traffic signs and more: Kommunale Inventar Verwaltung (KIV)

Digitization is also a major issue for municipalities and city administrations. There is potential for optimization in a wide variety of areas – for example, in the management of traffic signs and street furniture. Currently, this is often still done manually and is ineffective and prone to failure. Digital management of traffic signs is a first step towards digital, municipal inventory management for street furniture, etc.

In cooperation with the global standardization organization GS1 Germany, oneIDentity+ GmbH has developed a comprehensive system that provides, among other things, a mobile app for the inventory and digital control of traffic signs. The system – like all solutions at oneIDentity+ – is based on standardized marking of products (in this case, traffic signs) by a unique code that can be scanned at any time via a mobile device.

Municipalities, public works departments and their external service providers can use the KIV app to inventory their existing traffic signs and later check them as part of the legally required traffic inspections. All recorded traffic signs can be managed conveniently via the municipalities portal and numerous evaluations can be created.

Manufacturers of traffic signs also benefit. If you mark your traffic signs with a serialized code directly during production and transmit it to the KIV platform, you save your customers the time-consuming inventory process, can offer additional value-added services and also track your products better.

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Added value through oneIDentity+

Added Value through oneIDentity+ – Serialization as the Basis for Municipal Inventory Management (KIV)

Provide serialized codes (labels) that follow global GS1 standards for serialization of existing traffic signs, as well as extensive functionality for serialization of new traffic signs

Mobile KIV App for simple inventory and fast, digital control of traffic signs in accordance with the FGSV’s information sheet (MQVS) according to MDV in the context of traffic inspections, etc.

Powerful portal for municipal staff to manage traffic signs with map and list view, automated evaluation of soon-to-expire traffic signs, display of history, etc.

Great potential for further expansion into a multi-vendor, nationwide system for complete management of traffic signs and street furniture

The Municipal Inventory Management App

The mobile KIV app enables municipalities, building yards and their service providers to quickly and conveniently inventory existing traffic signs and later check them as part of the legally required traffic inspections.

The municipalities portal for inventory management

With the help of the portal, the employees of a municipality can manage their traffic signs. Here you will find a map and list view of all traffic signs in the municipality as well as the display of all details (incl. history of a traffic sign). In addition, there is an automated evaluation of the soon to expire traffic signs. (The portal is currently still under development).

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GS1 Germany supports companies in all industries in applying modern communication and process standards in practice. This significantly improves the efficiency of their business processes. In Germany, the company also takes care of the globally overlap-free GS1 article numbering system, which forms the basis of the barcode also used for oneIDentity+. As part of the international network “Global Standards One” (GS1), GS1 Germany accompanies the development and implementation of open, cross-industry and globally valid standards. As the second largest of more than 110 country organizations, GS1 Germany develops process and application recommendations and provides implementation support. For specific requirements, service providers from the GS1 Germany Solution Partner Program, in which oneIDentity+ is also involved, provide support.

The Güteschutzgemeinschaft Verkehrszeichen und Verkehrseinrichtungen e.V. (GVZ) is the organization recognized by RAL – Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e. V. (German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification) to carry out quality assurance for this product group. The GVZ organizes and monitors the quality assurance for traffic signs and traffic facilities and grants the manufacturers tested by it the right to use the RAL quality mark for their quality-monitored products.
The basis for this is the quality assurance RAL-GZ 628, which has been drawn up by the GVZ in cooperation with the Federal Minister of Transport, his subordinate departments, federal and research institutes, standards committees and the supplier industry to promote the idea of quality according to objective standards. Their compliance is ensured by regular audits and constant monitoring. This is documented by the application of the RAL quality mark.
The quality assurance RAL-GZ 628 is recognized by the Federal Minister of Transport and fulfills the requirement of the General Administrative Regulation for the Road Traffic Regulations (VwV-StVO) for §§ 39 to 43 under III, paragraph 4.

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