Intelligent products with the help of a unique QR code – flexible, independent, future-proof

Are you as a manufacturer looking for a possibility to offer value-added services to your end customers, distributors and partners and perform authenticity checks of your products at the same time? And all this anytime and anywhere, without users having to install a special app or other software?

In that case, take a closer look at our QR code solution.

Based on a unique code applied on your products, the solution offers far more than authenticity verification. By scanning the code with a mobile phone camera, you can provide customers product details, installation instructions, marketing information and a lot more – anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, with a simple scan. With this you are completely independent. You can either print the code labels yourself or use pre-printed labels from any manufacturer and optionally link with a hologram or other security features. The entry hurdle is minimal while maintaining high flexibility and future-proofness.

A short overview

Advantages for manufacturers, partners and end customers

Fool proof authenticity check of products, components and parts

Instant display of marketing information , product details, installation instructions etc. possible

Easy management of ad campaigns, recalls and caution notices

Traceability of products and transparency for grey market imports

Global, cross-industry solution, accessible for everyone at any time

Easy entry point into digitalisation – modern and convenient for the end user

The functionality of the QR code solution

Fool proof authenticity check by scanning a QR code without a special app

By scanning the serialized QR code with a smartphone camera, an authenticity check is performed. For dubious products, a counterfeit report can be filled in immediately. This report is sent to the respective manufacturer automatically, who will take further action.

Display of additional documents and website links

In addition to the authenticity check result, additional documents, marketing information etc. can also be displayed. Furthermore, a link to manufacturer-specific websites and services can be integrated easily.

Link to TecDoc catalogue data

By linking the comprehensive TecDoc catalogue, you as a manufacturer and TecDoc data supplier can also display detailed information on the scanned product to your customers, from general information to linked vehicles and OE information.

Display of repair and maintenance information

At the request of the manufacturer, installation instructions, working hours and setting values from the detailed TecRMI database can be displayed. For this, the customer has to select the value-added service “TecRMI Information” after scanning the QR code and then simply select the manufacturer, model, type and the available instructions will be displayed.

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