WBA App in the fight against counterfeit ball bearings

The fight against product piracy will continue in 2021. For several years now, the World Bearing Association (WBA) has been showing what a simple solution might look like. The American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA) has described the industry-wide platform initiated and managed by oneIDentity+ in simple terms. Learn more on the WBA page Are you

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Digitization in the railroad sector

The rail industry is setting the course for digitization. Clear identification and traceability of all components based on the GS1 standard is the goal. oneIDentity+ is launching a consulting service for the rail industry to help rail suppliers meet upcoming requirements from DB, SBB, SNCF and others. You can find more information here: In

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NSK initiatives against counterfeit rolling bearing production

We would like to share with you another article that shows how important it is to fight against product piracy. Read for yourself how some 23,000 counterfeit NSK packages and labels were recently discovered in Hebei Province, China: NSK Initiatives NSK uses the WBA Authenticator alongside other leading manufacturers organized in the World Bearing

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City of Bedburg launches pilot project to digitize traffic signs

The pilot project "KIV-digital" (Kommunale Inventar Verwaltung) was recently launched in the town of Bedburg. Together with the mayor of Bedburg, Sascha Solbach, the first traffic signs were marked with a unique code and recorded via mobile app. "This pilot project is very exciting for the town of Bedburg, as it will enable us

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